March 21, 2016

Snoring, Its Causes and Cures

When someone close to you snores, it is not a simple matter, which could easily be ignored. In fact, it is the cause of problems in relationships when one partner simply cannot get a good night’s rest with the continuous thundering noise next to them. It is an incredibly common and happens when respiratory structures inside the afflicted person’s body vibrate because of an obstruction. Loud and disturbing snoring could often be identified as an indicator that the person has obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused when the air your breathe does not have enough space to pass through your throat. It forces air to build up and result in vibrations in tissue surrounding the area and that vibration is the actual cause of the loud and most often incredibly irritating noise. Around 30 percent women and fifty percent of men snore and often would a person who does not normally snore when consuming alcohol, medication, or due to illness.

Medications are not prescribed unless the underlying cause is not determined. Sleep apnea could be the cause and in this case, overweight or obese individuals would need to lose weight. Treating the symptoms of the underlying cause often has a positive result even when someone loses weight, stop smoking, or consuming alcohol. Other methods of treatment are several devices to help the individual such as mouth guards, special pillows, etc. medical therapies and surgeries are done when no underlying cause is evident and it is done by increasing airway passages. The Pillar Procedure as it is called is one of the best cures with implants of tiny plastic that is surgically inserted into the snorer’s soft palate. The implants causes scar tissue to form around it making the once soft palate stiff. The stiffened soft palate reduces the vibrations and the snoring ceases.