Eye bands or eye masks are essentialities when looking at a sleep accessory. Out of thousands of products being developed over the centuries to aid in overcoming sleep related problem, an eye band remains the most effective and simplest form of solution. We offer the best eye masks and highest quality eye band for sleeping.

A good night’s sleep is essential to good health and proper functioning during the day. Avoiding medication like sleeping tablets, which are highly addictive, and attempting to relieve occasional sleeplessness an eye mask is the route to take.

Bullz Eye Band has a complete line of high quality eye masks specifically designed to induce and promote better sleep. We have a full range of varying types of bands, from herbal bands with lulling herbal fragrances to gel bands and more. Specially designed and carefully manufactured to have the luxurious comfortable fit in providing gentle calm pressure that significantly make a difference to rest and peaceful sleep.