aboutHusband Rafe and wife Lana welcome you to Bullz Eye Band where we want to increase your quality of life by a better night’s sleep. We are a family owned and managed Eye Band Company who started in this industry as one of the highest quality sleep band or mask suppliers. Lana, a qualified medical doctor specializing in predominantly sleeping disorders of various varieties came with the idea to provide the best solution when medications and treatments are not required. Not that eye masks are in the least a new innovation, but making people more aware of the high success rate she experienced in her field at how effective eye masks are.

After all as the saying goes, you are what you eat, does it work the same when comparing sleep. You are how you sleep in the sense that bad sleeping habits directly result in other ailments and problems. Too little sleep causes incredible amount of other problems. Lana and Rafe with their children developed and manufactured some of the highest quality sleeping accessories over the last two decades until they decided to concentrate predominantly on eye bands.

Lana has during her studies and years in the sleep disorder profession met thousands of people consulting with her simply because their normal functions are severely affected due to lack of sleep. In many instances has she found that proper sleeping habits and an affordable alternative such as eye masks were all that was required. A lack of sleep she knows make you sluggish affect brain functioning diminishing decision-making and slow down work productivity.

Specially designed by Lara and manufactured by Rafe and her two sons, one of whom is a Dermatologist, the eye bands have an elasticated and comfortable band holding the mask to your eyes and head, while conveniently blocking light. Pure darkness produces the required chemical melatonin, which is simply a sleep chemical.

I recommend our eye bands to anyone from people sleeping at home every night to travelers to shift workers and nurses. You will only benefits when you have no other underlying medical condition that requires additional treatments or medications.